Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday Night

What did I do tonight? I came home and did several things. I cleaned up a biodiesel accident in the area of the clothes dryer/biodiesel lab. Then went out for some satisfying rose bush pruning. I like that more than I ever thought I would. I generally like pruning plants, and think I am pretty good at it. I also have been known to enjoy plucking women's eyebrows. There is a similarity to those activities. I never pluck on the first date though. The rose bushes haven't been pruned since I have lived here, 10 years. I think they will really like the pruning, and grow better and look better. Or they may die...

While pruning, neighbor elizabeth came over and invited me for dinner. That was really nice, especially since she had some fresh bison burgers from her friend in Weaverville. It was delicious. elizabeth likes the e to not be capitalized. She was really hungry and I could tell. Then she had some of the delicious food and got a nice placid, smiling look. That was nice to see. After dinner I set something on fire. I like to do that, but don't do it all that often, which probably makes it even more special when I do it. I had a bunch of biodiesel soaked newspapers left over from cleaning up the above mentioned biodiesel spill. I had sort of just wadded them up and put them in the garden. So that's what I set on fire. It was nice and e and E watched it burn and noted the stars, and moon looking like a nice bowl directly above a bright bluish looking planet. e is a talented jewelry artist.

Then home for telephone calls including nice brief conversation with Tracy from the internet, who actually did sound quite nice, smart, and funny. And not like an internet psycho.


Jaime said...

Is there photographic evidence of said rose bushes? :)


Edward said...

I should do a before and after pruning pictures.