Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Tonight we learned about Geoprocessing. That's a pretty cool term I think. I could see myself as being a Geoprocessor someday.

To the right is something I did as part of the class exercise. It is a land use map of Buncombe county. We had to combine several maps, and they didn't use the same coordinate system. Since ARCGIS projects on the fly, it automatically converts the data to display it, but we actually converted the data in the landuse layer to the state plane projection. That's where I crashed 3 computers because my flash drive was full. I initially blamed the problem on my proximity to Mary, and that was wrong. I apologize for that.

This image is a section of the map I made and in which I selected Martin Branch and applied a buffer of 500 feet. I thought it looked like internal organs or intracellular structures. See the kidneys?

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Marynell said...

No need to apologize for false accusations, Edward. I'm glad you finally figured it out and got it all up and running. At least you moved back over to the special place of honor at the computer next to me. Pretty soon all the guys will be fighting for that place and asking for tools. By the way, the colors on your map are spectacular!

See you Wed. Night,