Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Now We're Geocoding

Right on the heels of last week's Geoprocessing adventure, we jump into Geocoding, which also sounds cool. Below is a result of our first exercise/adventure. Pete found a list on the internet of the advisors for FFA Clubs in high schools in NC. He saved it in a table with the addresses and name of the school, etc. Then we took that and ran it through, which is a very cool API interface a guy made to YahooMaps. It spit out a nice YahooMap with dots for each of the 100 locations in the table we fed it. It also produces a new table with all the data we started with and adds the latitude and longitude to it. We then took that data and fed it into ArcMap and created this map.

Our second adventure in Geocoding was local. We made an excel table with all the classmates addresses in it and then geocoded it onto a map of Buncombe county data. The green dot on the map below is my house, or actually, where it thought my house was. My lot is actually up and to the right, the one with 5 sides. The blue lines you see running down the streets are the street centerlines, which are the basis for this geocoding. The segment where the green dot is runs from 38 to 64 for even number addresses. It sees my address is 58 and plots that on the line based on math. So it's not terribly accurate.

Finally, Mary was missing tonight, and that just made the class less effervescent than usual. Perhaps she was really involved in some project with her new belt sander and forgot about class?

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