Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Save Early and Save Often

I worked and worked and then ArcGIS encountered a problem and needed to close. It did apologize for the inconvenience. But I still am disappointed about my loss. Not that it is really a significant loss in the greater scheme of things. I am OK and healthy and safe.

Pete rocks! Really. I think he may be a rock-n-roll star from the 90's. More on that later. Pete is a very good teacher of this material too. A lot of energy and very knowledgeable. Those two things are very important to me as a student.

I was a little late to class and tired and hungry tonight. We had a massive lecture session and covered important information. I'm glad I got the book, so I can review the information again. I got the last book. So here is my map as of my last successful save. I had gone so much further... With my memories of the night I spent in Kennebec, SD in 1985.

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