Saturday, October 6, 2007

It's Jaime's Birthday

Today is Jaime's Birthday, a very important birthday.
If she lived in Australia, I'm sure it'd rival Perth Day.

She's not very old, she was born when Todd got married.
I hope she has a chill out day, and doesn't get too harried.

She works hard all day, kickin' ass at the helpdesk.
She sometimes likes to get on stage and dance a little burlesque.

She can't help she is a milktard, she just can't eat no dairy.
When I have a java chiller, I can dance 'round like a fairy.

Her work area's tidy due to her organizational ability.
She not really getting old, so has no trouble with senility.

Sometimes people see her name and think she's a male Latino.
Sam once had amazing gas and now we feed him beeno.

Each month we see her new calendars, her favorite one has Shih Tzus.
She's not so good at sewing things so the pants she makes won't fit yous.

Pepe is her long lost dog, he was the cutest little Pug.
Some said he was half Doberman and other half was bug.

Now she has a new best friend, his name is Willoughby Bobbin.
When Ken throws up at exercise, the sound is Blaaa, Blaaa-bin-bin-bin.

She gets breakfast from the Best Burger King in the world, lately it's a chicken biscuit.
When people call with techy problems, she always helps them fix it.

Her luck with men is not so good, some even say deplorable.
When her curls are fresh installed, they do look real adorable.

One guy she met had a cartoon where he set himself on fire.
Her super Mini needs no spare 'cause it comes with run-flat tire.

One ex boyfriend got in trouble for saying she was pretty when she was really sick.
He sounds sweet to me, but I guess she thought he was a prick.

Now I end this special birthday poem, 'cause I can't rhyme no more.
I hope this will be her best year yet, and just the first of many more.



Jaime said...

OMG, that's fantastic! I've never had anybody write a poem about me... at least, none that I am aware of! You aptly described me - pretty much what my life is. Cool :) Maybe it will send a little traffic my way, for now I am famous in the blogosphere!

Your sense of rhyming is astounding. How do you do it? Does it come to you easily or do you crack the thesaurus? You should compile them all into a book and call it something like, "Vignettes of a Blast Furnace" or "observations from eWorld." You have two poems (that I know of) and pretty soon you could have a tome of poetry!

Thanks for the birthday poem; I am going to print it on special snowman paper and frame it. :D

Edward said...

In the mid 90's I was involved in the rap music scene and developed my krazy rhyming skilz there. I often try to really push what words can do in terms of rhyme. I once rhymed "Boyz in the Hood" with "Dances with Wolves" for a cinematic themed ditty. It just comes naturally, and that is why it often doesn't make sense or is shrouded by deep metaphor. Like REM.

I thought you deserved a special birthday poem, and I am honored that you would print it at all, much less on snowman paper.