Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Pete surprised us tonight by ordering pizza for everybody. Wasn't that nice.

Then we did some more editing, this time following the exercise in the book. This exercise has 62 steps, and I got to exercise 40, and Mary did too. But I suspect she didn't hop over some of them like I did. In the photo to the right, we improved the alignment of the roads based on the info in the orthophoto data layer.

I'll say it again. This is powerful software. With that power comes a daunting depth and detail. It reminds me of Photoshop, but I think it is even more complex.


Jaime said...

Who's hopping? Is there hopping in GIS? I didn't realize it was such a physical activity. :)


Edward said...

Oh, there's hopping alright!

Pete Kennedy said...

pETE-zAh.... I LOVE IT! Why didn't i think of that?