Thursday, April 12, 2007

Farewell Lynn, Farewell Kurt.

Lynn was killed in a car accident this week. So it goes. She was my brother's ex-partner. Ex for a year or so, and partner for over 10 years. There's a picture of the two of them from 2005, the last time I saw Lynn. You can see in the photo they were already moving in different directions. Lynn was a beautiful woman with radiant skin. She was very creative and full of an energy that often seemed to be directed in a somewhat erratic manner. She was 56 and leaves 2 kids in their late teens and early 20s.

Kurt Vonnegut Jr. also died this week. So it goes. Like many people, I read his novels while I was in college. I borrowed them from my brother, who I worked for at that time. Vonnegut was born the same year as my mom, in Indianapolis. My family also comes from the midwest and there was something that felt familiar about his writing. One book referenced a person named "Moon" Claycombe. My aunt and uncle have that same last name, and my uncle grew up in Indy. A little research and I found out that Moon was my uncle's father, and he had gone to HS with Vonnegut.

I liked the science fiction aspects of his books, and his seemingly free flowing writing style. I think Breakfast of Champions was the first I read, and it had the crude little pen drawings in it. I thought that was pretty neat. I should probably read him again now that I'm older and smarter and would probably get a lot more out of them. In one of the inevitable posthumous radio pieces I heard, it referred to him as a secular humanist, and then within a minute or two quoted him as saying that he felt music was proof there is a god. Curious. I guess secular humanists can have a god too. Vonnegut said something about us humans being animals whose brains just got too big for our own good, and I have to agree with that. So it goes.

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